Expert Drain Cleaning Service

Drain cleaning service is necessary to call for when you have a seriously clogged drain, but did you know that we also install them? We understand that part of solving the problem of a clogged drain may involve replacing it.

Expert Drain Cleaning

Calling George Salet Plumbing means getting a locally owned and operated total drain cleaning service,

which will help prevent clogged drain problems from recurring in the future. Areas where stoppages can frequently occur are in the fixture trap, in the main drain, in the sharp bends and direction changes of the sub drain pipelines, and even in the sewer line. It takes a qualified technician to find the source of the problem, but our local, San Francisco professional plumbers have worked in the area for 30 years and know where to look for the source of the clogged drain. Even if the problem goes all the way to the sewer line, they will find it and unclog your drain in the shortest time possible.

Cable (Snake) Drain Cleaning Service

Drain cleaning service is not just a matter of manpower; you need the right equipment to unclogg a drain as well. At George Salet Plumbing, we have every drain cleaning machine from small hand snakes to drain machines capable of cleaning 12 inch sewer mains. Our most powerful and flexible machines, however, are the cable drain cleaning machines (also known as a "Drain Snake"). The cable drain cleaning machines clean the drain or sewer by rotating a flexible cable made of piano wire through the pipe. Attachments on the end of the cable aid in the cleaning process by scraping, boring, cutting, and retrieving the blockage. Each type of blockage requires the proper size cable and cutting head. Not just anyone can use these machines to their full drain cleaning potential. It takes experienced, qualified technicians, and George Salet Plumbing has them!

Hydro Jett Drain Cleaning Service

Drain cleaning service also includes commercial properties as well. If you run a business that gets grease, soap residue, or sand down the drain, then you know what it is like to have a clogged drain of this nature. To unclog a drain of this kind, you need real force. At George Salet plumbing, we offer hydro jetting, a process which cleans a drain with 1500 to 4000 pounds of extreme water pressure. The jetting tool has a nozzle with a jet of water spraying forward and 6 to 8 reverse jets spraying to the rear of the nozzle. The reverse jets propel the nozzle up the pipe while the forward jet breaks up obstructions in its path. The real cleaning power of the jetter happens when the nozzle is pulled back against the rear jets, which virtually scour the pipe clean. This is a long-lasting solution to unclog a drain full of grease, soap residue, or sand, and the quickest way to fix a clogged drain at a business that has these kinds of heavy-duty drain problems.

A Drain Cleaning Service That is Also Clean Themselves

Drain cleaning service should never leave your home or business messy. Even though drain cleaning is a dirty job, when we work in your home, our goal is to make it look like we have never been there. Our technicians use floor mats and booties to protect your floors. They also have the experience and the expertise to clear the blockage and get your drain running free in the cleanest way and shortest time possible. Nothing is more important than leaving your home just like it was before we came, so call for free estimates, guaranteed work, and the most professional & clean drain cleaning service in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Expert Drain Cleaning Service