Are low flow toilets any good?

Yes! Yes! Yes!
The newer models of low flow toilets now work better than the older high-flow toilet models. Of course, when low flow toilets were first introduced to residential consumers as a way to save water; the manufacturers did have a few bugs to work out. This is because initially, the manufacturers of toilets wanted to comply with government standards to save water, but didn't quite have the technology in place to make mass manufacturing of low flow toilets possible.

However, since the late 1990's, the rush to comply with government standards has slowed down. The technology and engineering have been mastered, and these kinds of toilets are now advantageous to install in any home. This is definitely the time to buy a low flow toilet for water savings and at the same time, also to add value to your home.

There are now many different types and brands of low flow toilets. These are toilets that not only work well, but also get government ratings that may get you a credit on your taxes. These kinds of toilets are engineered and manufactured by companies like Briggs, Kohler, Toto, and many others. Toto, for example, is a model company for low flush toilets. While they make gravity fed flushing toilets and siphon models (which add an extra boost of water as needed), in a variety of styles from standard two piece designs to one piece low profile toilets. They certainly are an industry leader when it comes to low flow toilets that get the job done.

Part of the technology developed and engineered by Flushmate that makes low flow toilets functional is the pressure assist. The pressure assist is a combination of compressed air that forces the small amount of water used during a flush to compel waste down the trap way with an improved amount of strength.

So in effect, the new breeds of low flush toilets work even better than the original high volume flush toilets. While the original low flush toilets may get easily clogged, the new and improved low flow toilets actually work much better than their predecessors. Need more information just give us a call we can help you decide on the best toilet for you.

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