Briggs Toilet Service

Briggs toilet service has a long history

of producing high quality bathroom products. Besides toilets, they also make bathtubs, bathroom faucets, bathroom sinks, and accessories. So if you are looking to do some plumbing remodeling, you can find a whole suite of bathroom fixtures from Briggs Manufacturing Company. At George Salet Plumbing, the San Francisco Plumbing experts, we can help you choose the bathroom fixtures that are perfect for your home or business. We have been providing plumbing remodeling and condo conversions in the San Francisco and Peninsula area for over 30 years, and we understand Briggs toilet service better than anyone around.

History of Briggs Manufacturing Company

Briggs toilet service actually started out in 1908 as a maker of auto bodies for the car industry. In 1946, Briggs changed over from manufacturing auto bodies to making steel plumbing to keep their workers employed. Now with their largest plant in Knoxville Tennessee, Briggs has the world's largest porcelain-on-steel plumbingware manufacturing plant. An innovative company, Briggs toilet service has also pioneered a few firsts in the industry including the development of the one-piece toilet. They were also the first to manufacture toilets in a variety of colors. Now, with manufacturing plants in South America in addition to US production, Briggs is one of the largest producers of porcelain toilets in the world.

Briggs Brands

Briggs toilet service has expanded to include many other brands of toilets, bidets, bathroom and kitchen sinks, faucets, and bathtubs. Some of the brands include Sayco faucets, Conserver toilets, Altima toilets, Secure-Lok hardware, and UltraTUFF Tubs. Briggs is also a WaterSense partner with the Environmental Protection Agency and has won awards for their high-efficiency flushing systems. Some of these systems incorporate Vacuity PowerVAC flushing technology which was actually developed by Briggs Manufacturing. Briggs toilet service is also known for its stylish design, high performance flush valves, and powerful flushing capabilities with low water usage.

Briggs and George Salet Plumbing, Inc.

Briggs toilet service is better with George Salet Plumbing, Inc. This is because we are the San Francisco plumbing experts when it comes to Briggs toilet installation. With George Salet Plumbing toilet installation, you not only get the Briggs limited lifetime warranty, you also get George Salet's guarantee on all of the work we perform on your toilet installation. That means 100% satisfaction from Brigg's toilet service and George Salet Plumbing. We even deliver your Briggs toilet right to your door and can pull any construction permits needed for your toilet installation. Give us a call today! We offer free estimates, honest and quick service, as well as flat rate pricing. In addition to Briggs toilet service, we also provide toilet repair, drain snake plumbing, and plumbing remodeling services.

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