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It Finally Happened

It finally happened the first rain in the Bay Area and the first snows in the Sierras, Fall is here and winter is approaching, even if it is a little late this year,since it is almost Thanksgiving.

Since rain has began to fall especially in cities like San Francisco it is important to make sure your sewer lines are free of roots and other debris. The reason that it is so important in San Francisco is the rain water flows from the roof to your house sewer, If the sewer is restricted it could cause a flood in the house or basement.

Speaking of basements don’t forget that pump some of you have in your basement or under the house, NOW is a good time to give it a test to make sure it’s ready for the winter season

And last but not least give the water heater the once over make sure that if it leaks it won’t ruin anything. Remember that more water heaters fail in winter than summer.

If you have any questions about getting ready for winter give us a call at 415-334-0733 or email

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Schedule a service with us today!

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