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Colma, CA Plumbing Company

George Salet Plumbing has been providing comprehensive plumbing services to the Colma Area since 1979

San Francisco with the Golden Gate bridge. Choosing a plumber in san francisco with local knowledge is key.

Colma Plumbing Experts

Colma Plumbing is part of the 650 plumbing service area that we at George Salet Plumbing, Inc. take great pride in helping out. Colma may be one of the smaller cities in the San Francisco Bay area, but at George Salet Plumbing, no plumbing jobs are too big or too small when you are dedicated to serving the plumbing needs of the Colma 94014 zip code and San Mateo County. We’ve been providing Colma Plumbing and plumbing services in the surrounding areas like South San Francisco and Daly City for the past thirty years, and we know this area better than anyone. So if you have a plumbing emergency, need drain snake plumbing, or want plumbing remodeling along the El Camino Real, give us a call! We provide free estimates, honest and expert technicians, and an extensive knowledge of the San Francisco Peninsula.

George Salet Plumbing provides services in all of these zip codes in the Brisbane area: 94014. Call us today for a FREE estimate, no job is too small!

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Older Plumbing Colma

Colma plumbing has an older sewer system and some older homes, so the city of Colma has particular needs when it comes to plumbing jobs. At George Salet Plumbing, we understand this and have experience working with older plumbing including Clay pipe and Orangeburg pipe. If we can save your pipes we will, however, if sewers repairs aren’t enough, we can provide an entire sewer replacement as well. We offer a convenient and complete sewer repair and sewer replacement service so that you don’t have to call other plumbers to do different parts of the sewer installation. We also know the Colma plumbing codes and requirements, and will pull permits for you as part of our San Francisco Bay plumbing service.

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Older Fixtures Plumbing Colma

Colma plumbing also means working with older plumbing fixtures. When it comes to older fixtures like toilets, sinks, and faucets, many people want save them instead of replacing them, especially in the case of older, high- capacity flush toilets. This is why our plumbers provide antique toilet repair, and we can help you with expertise needed to get your older toilet working again along with the parts available to us in San Francisco. Remember, we’ve been installing toilets on the San Francisco Peninsula since 1979, so there’s a chance we may have installed your toilet originally! So, if there is anything we can do in the way of toilet repair, faucet repair, or sink repair to save your old fixtures, our Colma plumbers will do it.

Commercial Plumbing Services

Colma plumbing includes commercial plumbing from George Salet as well. If you have clogged drains from grease, soap, or sand – we can get them unclogged. We provide drain snake plumbing and sewer line cleaning with hydro jett and cable drain cleaning. If your sewer lines are beyond repair, we offer a complete sewer line replacement service. We can also outfit your public restrooms with any handicap plumbing fixtures needed and rectify any Colma plumbing code violations you might have. We understand how a plumbing emergency can put a halt on your day-to-day commercial activities, and with our quick turnaround time and flat rate pricing, we can minimize the interruption to your place of business in Colma or San Mateo County.

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Schedule a service with us today!

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