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George Salet Plumbing has been providing comprehensive plumbing services to the San Francisco Bay Area since 1979. We pride ourselves on our flat-rate pricing, dependable service, and efficient response times. All of our work is guaranteed, because we’re that confident in our excellent service. When it comes to San Francisco plumbing, George Salet is the best choice in the San Francisco and Peninsula area–and we have been for over 30 years!

If you live or work in one of our service areas, contact us today for a free estimate!


San Francisco Area Plumbing

As San Francisco Bay Area plumbing professionals since 1979, George Salet Plumbing has been the locally owned and operated plumbing experts to turn to for fast and dependable plumbing service for the past 30 years. Whether you have a plumbing emergency or a remodeling project, we will provide you with the qualified technicians and guaranteed work that is necessary when you need expert plumbing solutions for your home or business.

Atherton Plumbing

When you need a professional plumber, George Salet Plumbing is your trusted source. As local plumbing experts in San Mateo County, we’re proud to serve Atherton and the surrounding 94027 zip code with high-quality workmanship. Whether you need a drain unclogged or a water heater replacement, our skilled team will deliver the best results for your plumbing solutions.

Belmont Plumbing

Our Belmont service area includes the neighborhoods of Belmont Heights, Central, Cipriani, Farallon, Homeview, McDougal, Plateau-Skymont, Sterling Downs, and Western Hills. In fact, we understand Belmont plumbing well enough to become one of the most trusted plumbing services in this part of the San Francisco Bay area. Ask around! We have the kind of testimonials that plumbers rely on to generate ‘word-of-mouth’ business in the 94002 and 94003 zip codes. Local Belmont residents and business owners hire us for plumbing services because they know we are honest, extremely clean, and have a fast turnaround time. We are exactly the kind of plumbers people look for when they need someone they can trust to work on their home or business in San Mateo County.

Brisbane Plumbing

Brisbane plumbing means having plumbing services available to the local office buildings and industries located in and around Sierra Point and the 94005 zip code. While George Salet Plumbing Inc. provides many residential plumbing services, don’t forget that we are experts at commercial plumbing. We provide free estimates and a quick turnaround time for your Brisbane Plumbing and Sierra Point plumber needs.

Burlingame Plumbing

Burlingame plumbing is best when it is both local and trustworthy, and that’s why you should call George Salet Plumbing when you need Burlingame plumbing repairs, maintenance, or installation. This service area includes the Burlingame Village, Burlingame Gate, Skyfarm, Downtown, Oak Grove Manor, Lyon Hoag, Poplar Creek, Easton Addition, Mills Canyon Park, and Ray Park. At George Salet Plumbing, we have been providing the highest quality plumbing services in the Burlingame 94010 zip code and San Mateo County for the past thirty years; and we know more about Burlingame and plumbing 650 than anyone else around.

Colma Plumbing

Colma may be one of the smaller cities in the San Francisco Bay area, but at George Salet Plumbing, no plumbing jobs are too big or too small when you are dedicated to serving the plumbing needs of the Colma 94014 zip code and San Mateo County. We’ve been providing Colma Plumbing and plumbing services in the surrounding areas like South San Francisco and Daly City for the past thirty years, and we know this area better than anyone. So if you have a plumbing emergency, need drain snake plumbing, or want plumbing remodeling along the El Camino Real, give us a call!

Daly City Plumbing

Daly City plumbing from George Salet Plumbing includes the neighborhoods of Westlake, St. Francis, Serramonte, Top of the Hill, Hillside, Crocker, Southern Hills, and Bayshore. Daly City was originally a group of dairy farms settled in the late 1800s in San Mateo County and was further populated by the residents of San Francisco after the earthquake of 1906. In the late 1940s, the community of Westlake was founded and is noted for being one of the earliest examples of planned suburban tract housing. Daly City has been growing ever since and has become a bustling suburb of San Francisco, known for its coastal recreation and shopping. As your local San Francisco plumbing experts, we at George Salet Plumbing understand the history of Daly City and its infrastructure.

El Granada Plumbing

George Salet Plumbing brings local, professional plumbing services to El Granada and the 94018, 94019, and 94038 zip codes. Our team of skilled, clean, and honest plumbers prioritizes customer satisfaction with the quality of our work. We have been delivering our trustworthy plumbing services to San Mateo County since 1979, and we’re proud to make all your home and commercial plumbing projects the best they can possibly be.

Half Moon Bay Plumbing

Half Moon Bay Plumbing is only part of the Coastside service area that we take care of at George Salet Plumbing. We also provide plumbing 650 services to Montara, Moss Beach, Princeton-by-the-sea, El Granada, Mirimar, San Gregorio, Pescadero, Purissima, and La Honda in San Mateo County. The Coastside, a centrally located group of communities between the Santa Cruz mountains and the Pacific Ocean, is easy to get to from anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. That’s part of the reason that our plumbers can get to your plumbing emergency quickly and why we can usually provide same-day service.

Hillsborough Plumbing

Hillsborough plumbing from George Salet Plumbing includes the neighborhoods of Hillsborough Park, the Parrott Drive Area, Lakeview, Brewer Subdivision, The Carolands, Hillsborough Heights, Hillsborough Hills, and the San Francisco International Airport in San Mateo County. George Salet Plumbing is different because we have had plumbers working in the Hillsborough 94010 zip code and the San Francisco Bay Area for the past thirty years. We understand the needs of all the different communities in San Mateo County, including what it means to live in Hillsborough.

Millbrae Plumbing

Millbrae plumbing services from George Salet Plumbing means talking to a plumber who understands the area. We know the local points of interest around the city of Millbrae like Mills Estates, El Camino Real, Bayside Park, the Bayshore Freeway, Green Hills Country Club, and Ingold/Milldale. We also know how to navigate Millbrae, located between San Bruno and Burlingame, just west of the world-famous San Francisco Bay.

Montara Plumbing

Our service area in San Mateo County also includes the neighboring cities of Pacifica, Moss Beach, El Granada, and Half Moon Bay. As local plumbers, we know the plumbing 650 area code, and we know the landmarks like Point Montara Lighthouse, Montara Beach, the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, and State Route 1. If you’ve ever had to give directions to a stranger from a home improvement center, you’ll appreciate the fact that we’ll know how to get to your business or residence just from having the address.

Moss Beach Plumbing

Your local plumbing 650 experts at George Salet Plumbing have been providing plumbing services here in the 94038 zip code since 1979. We know local points of interest like Highway 1, the Moss Beach Distillery, the Seal Cove Inn, and neighboring cities like Pacifica, Montara, and El Granada. We’ll know where to find your home or business when you give us a call for plumbing services. Knowing the area means much more to us than just knowing the geography; it means understanding the people that live here. After 30 years of providing the highest quality plumbing services on the Coastside, we can say that we know the people and the infrastructure of the San Francisco Bay Area better than anyone.

Pacifica Plumbing

Pacifica plumbing from George Salet Plumbing is the highest quality service you can get on the Coastside of San Francisco Bay. This area includes the communities of Fairmont, Edgemar, Pacific Manor, Westview, Pacific Highlands, Sharp Park, Fairway Park, Mori Point, Vallemar, Rockaway Beach, Pacifica State Beach, Linda Mar, Park Pacifica, and Pedro Point in San Mateo County. Because we are local plumbers, we know every part of the 94044 and 94045 zip codes, including Highway 1, the ridges of the coast range, the beaches, the parklands, the eclectic variety of homes, and the strings of local shops.

Redwood City Plumbing

Plumbing repairs, replacements, and installations from George Salet Plumbing are delivered with professionalism and high-quality workmanship. Our expertise covers everything from water heaters and kitchen faucets to fireplaces and gas lines. With our 30 years of quality service, we are trusted throughout the neighborhoods of Redwood City including Redwood Oaks, Woodside Plaza, Farm Hill, Stambaugh Heller, Oak Knoll, Redwood Shores, Friendly Acres, and Redwood Village.

San Bruno Plumbing

San Bruno plumbing from George Salet Plumbing includes the communities of Mills Park, Crestmoor, Rollingwood, San Bruno Park, Skyline Park, Laguna Salada, Tanforan Park, Lomita Park, Seaplane Harbor Cove, Grundy Park, Commodore Park, and businesses along El Camino Real. San Bruno, also bordered by the San Francisco International Airport, Golden Gate National Cemetery, and the San Andreas Lake, is at the center of activity on the Peninsula of San Francisco Bay. The neighboring cities of South San Francisco, Pacifica, and Millbrae make San Bruno an integral part of San Mateo County. This location puts San Bruno at the top of the list when it comes to getting quality plumbing 650 services from George Salet Plumbing.

San Carlos Plumbing

Expert workmanship and dedication to professionalism are what make us the trusted plumbers in San Carlos and the 94070 zip code. The licensed plumbers of George Salet Plumbing are proud to deliver expert analysis and clean work on every plumbing project. Our honesty and quality of care mean that you receive exactly the service you’re looking for.

San Mateo Plumbing

San Mateo plumbing from George Salet Plumbing includes the service areas of Aragon/Baywood, Baywood Park, Beresford, Brewer Island, Central San Mateo, Downtown San Mateo, East San Mateo, Hayward Park, Hillside, Marina Lagoon, North Central, San Mateo Park, Shoreview, South San Mateo, Sugarloaf, and Western Hills in San Mateo County. Our plumbers have been providing plumbing 650 services in this part of San Mateo County since 1979 – and in this time have garnered thousands of positive testimonials for their professionalism, honesty, and cleanliness.

South San Francisco Plumbing

South San Francisco plumbing services from George Salet Plumbing are the highest quality plumbing services in the San Francisco Bay area. Our plumbers have been providing commercial and residential plumbing services to Avalon Park, Brentwood, Buri Buri, Cypress, Francisco Terrace, Paradise Valley, Parkhaven, Parkway, Peninsula Pines, Serra Highlands, Southwood, Sunshine Gardens, Susie Way, The East Side, West Winston Manor, Westborough, and Winston Manor for the past 30 years. So, if you have a plumbing 650 emergency and live in the South San Francisco area or anywhere else in San Mateo County, give our plumbers a call!

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