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Pump Installation & Repair

Your Full-Service Experts for Sump Pumps, Sewage Ejection Pumps, Circulating Pumps, and Booster Pumps

Expert Pump Installation & Repair in San Francisco Peninsula, CA

At George Salet Plumbing, we’ve seen every type of pump a homeowner might need to help maintain their property’s comfort, safety, and cleanliness. Whether you need a little more water pressure, a sewage ejection pump, or a way to avoid a catastrophic basement flood, we have the expertise to help you choose, install, and repair a wide variety of plumbing pumps.

We can also provide commercial pump solutions for any size, shape, material, or mode of power to take on the most complex water-movement needs. With over 40 years in business, we’ve seen a lot of pumps!

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are generally used to pump water that collects under buildings or in basements to the sewer or a safe place outside the building. Sump pumps come in all sizes from ¼ horsepower on up to 1. Sump pumps are also used for ice machines and air conditioning condensate piping when it is impractical to drain the water by gravity to the sewer system.

Sewage Ejection Pumps

Sewage ejection pumps are primarily used for plumbing fixtures located below the sewer that flows by gravity. These pumps allow bathrooms, kitchens, or whole houses to be installed below the sewer line. Most cities use large sewage ejection pumps to move sewage over hills and into processing plants. If your home has a sewage ejection pump that isn’t working, we can repair or replace it.

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Circulating Pumps

Circulating pumps are used in hot water recirculation systems and hydronic heating. In a hot water recirculation system, the water from the farthest faucet returns to the water heater, where it reheats. This process keeps the water inside the pipes hot and prevents waiting for hot water. If you’re having trouble getting hot water on demand, give us a call. We can repair, replace, or install many styles of circulating pumps.

Booster Pumps

Booster pumps are used to boost your water pressure. They’re used in places that typically have low pressure and tall buildings, such as high-rise apartments. These pumps can provide the extra oomph you need to overcome trickling showerheads, kitchen faucets, garden hoses, and more. While most common in commercial buildings, they can also be installed in residential areas if the city water pressure is particularly low.


Plumbing Pump FAQs

While sump pumps aren’t necessarily required, they’re a worthwhile investment, especially if you’ve spent time and money finishing and furnishing your basement! Sump pumps protect your basement from moisture damage and prevent groundwater from flooding your basement. Call George Salet Plumbing today to learn more about whether a sump pump is a good decision for your home!

Most sewage ejector pumps have a lifespan of about 7 to 10 years, though some can last much longer. If your sewage ejector pump is over seven years, it may be time to think about replacing it. Otherwise, our team could repair the system. If you notice dirty water, constant cycling, strange sounds, or sluggish operation, call George Salet Plumbing to have your pump examined.

If you’ve noticed low or no water flow from faucets or fluctuations in water pressure throughout your home, you may have a water pressure issue. The first step to troubleshooting it is to ensure that you aren’t dealing with clogged pipes, poor plumbing design, leaks, or shutoff valve issues. A booster pump could be the answer if none of these are the cause. Call George Salet Plumbing Pros for low water pressure issues—we can determine the cause and recommend the best solution for you.

Schedule a service with us today!

Schedule a service with us today!

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