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Condo Conversion

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Expert Condo Conversion Services in San Francisco Peninsula, CA

Having the city inspect a building to make sure it meets minimum code standards is a routine part of the process of a condo conversion. However, a condo conversion doesn’t have to be a confusing ordeal. When preparing for the inspection, you should be able to trust a reliable plumber whose work is reputable and up to code. 

At George Salet Plumbing, we are local San Francisco plumbing experts who provide effective solutions for your plumbing problems that will also pass inspection. We give free estimates, with our work accompanied by a satisfaction guarantee. We’ve been locally owned and operated for the past 30 years. 

Call us today and let one of our qualified technicians talk to you about our flat-rate pricing and fast, dependable service for your San Francisco condo conversion!

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Condo Conversion Process

During a San Francisco condo conversion, expect a visit from the city’s general building inspector, the electrical inspector, and the plumbing inspector. After the inspection, a report will be provided detailing the deficiencies that need to be corrected. 

Condo conversion may trigger an entire list of plumbing deficiencies. Unfortunately, inspectors from the city of San Francisco are not in the business of telling you how to correct them. This is where George Salet Plumbing can help! 

We will go over the list with you, view the property, and then help you decide the best way to make the needed repairs. We know San Francisco plumbing codes, work with building officials daily, and have completed hundreds of San Francisco condo conversions. We’re the plumbing contractors you want by your side during condo conversions.


Condo Conversion FAQs

Most plumbing correction items relate to life and safety issues. For example, in the city of San Francisco:

  • A water heater has to be installed with earthquake restraints and proper flueing. In garage areas, it must also be 18 inches above the floor.
  • Drain piping has to be properly installed, providing a safe and sanitary system by using approved materials.
  • Water piping has to be installed properly, with emergency shut-off valves and backflow protection where needed.
  • Gas valves for stoves must be located in easily accessible areas, and gas appliances must be installed to accommodate this.

To ensure that you are hiring a plumbing contractor that will correctly address your plumbing repair needs, you need to find a plumbing company with years of experience in the area, an established plumbing reputation, and dedication to fulfilling code requirements.

Yes! All plumbing repairs performed in the area need a permit and must be performed by a licensed plumbing contractor.

Schedule a service with us today!

Schedule a service with us today!

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