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Burlingame, CA Plumbing Company

George Salet Plumbing has been providing comprehensive plumbing services to the Burlingame Area since 1979

San Francisco with the Golden Gate bridge. Choosing a plumber in san francisco with local knowledge is key.

Burlingame Plumbing Experts

Burlingame plumbing is best when it is both local and trustworthy, and that’s why you should call George Salet Plumbing when you need Burlingame plumbing repairs, maintenance, or installation. This includes the areas of Burlingame Village, Burlingame Gate, Skyfarm, Downtown, Oak Grove Manor, Lyon Hoag, Poplar Creek, Easton Addition, Mills Canyon Park, and Ray Park. At George Salet Plumbing, we have been providing the highest quality plumbing services in the Burlingame 94010 zip code and San Mateo County for the past thirty years; and we know more about Burlingame and plumbing 650 than anyone else around. Whether you have a commercial or residential property, our Burlingame plumbers can help you in an emergency or on a remodeling plumbing project. We offer free estimates, a quick turnaround time, and guarantee all of our work; and you can trust that our highly qualified plumbers are honest and clean plumbers who will leave your home or business in Burlingame the way you would expect.

George Salet Plumbing provides services in all of these zip codes in the Burlingame area: 9401094011, and 94012. Call us today for a FREE estimate, no job is too small!

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The City of Trees

Burlingame plumbing includes the sewer system, and since Burlingame is known locally as the city of trees, it is also known that trees can cause sewer problems for homeowners and businesses. This is because as sewer pipes age, they can develop tiny cracks from the settling and movement of the earth around them. A tree root that is looking for nutrients can easily find even the tiniest crack in a sewer pipe; and that is all it takes for a root system to take hold in your sewer line. These roots can not only trap blockage but also eventually break apart your sewer line. However, when it comes to dealing with the sewer problems that the root systems from the many trees that line the streets of Burlingame, George Salet Plumbing is the best.

Burlingame plumbing from George Salet Plumbing includes a complete drain cleaning service that uses cable drain cleaning or hydro jett drain cleaning to cut or blast out the blockage and leave your drains clean for a long time. These machines have the power to bore through the blockage on a 12″ drain pipe and leave your drains virtually clean. If you have broken pipes caused by tree roots, George Salet Plumbing also offers sewer repair and sewer replacement as well. As local Burlingame plumbers, we understand that Burlingame is known as being the city of trees, and we understand that many trees are protected by the city. We have the expertise and knowledge to work around a root system and still get your sewer lines functioning to their maximum potential.

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Industrial Plumbing Burlingame

Burlingame plumbing also means industrial and commercial plumbing because of its proximity to the San Francisco airport. At George Salet Plumbing, we can handle your commercial plumbing needs as well. We understand that your business can’t run if your plumbing is backed up or if you have a broken pipe or a gas leak. So if you have an emergency at your commercial business, give us a call! Our emergency plumbing services include gas leak detection, gas line repair, sewer repair, plumbing code violations, toilet repair, and sink repair. We can get to your San Francisco Airport business quickly, and with our flat rate pricing, you won’t pay more for our services just because you have an emergency. We also guarantee our labor, so if anything goes wrong with our work or replacement parts, we’ll fix the problem for free!

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Schedule a service with us today!

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