Handicap Plumbing

Handicap Plumbing is mandatory in all places of business that provide public bathrooms. Most modern buildings have handicapped plumbing, but if you are doing a renovation on an old building, you may have to convert one of the bathrooms to comply with handicap plumbing accessibility codes. Handicap plumbing fixtures may also be necessary to install in your bathroom at home if you or someone else in your home requires the extra assistance in the bathroom that handicap plumbing fixtures can provide. Handicap plumbing fixtures are designed to provide anyone who needs it with extra help in the bathroom. They can also be helpful if you have arthritis or chronic back pain. These kind of fixtures can help anyone move freely around the bathroom and live more independently.

Handicap Plumbing Requirements

Handicap plumbing is just one more service that we provide at George Salet plumbing. Whether you need a handicapped plumbing conversion for a public bathroom or a home installation for more ease of movement in the bathroom, we can properly install handicap plumbing fixtures for you. This is because at George Salet Plumbing, we know the building codes for handicap plumbing fixtures in commercial and residential spaces.

Handicap plumbing, for example, requires that the toilet seat is designed to be between 17-19 inches high, which is the approximate height of most wheel chairs. Manual flush valves controls must be no more than 44 inches high off the floor and must be within reach of the clear floor space around the toilet. The grab bars, which have to be a minimum of 36 inches long, have to extend 54 inches from the back wall and also have to be positioned at the right height to be within reach of the toilet. As well, plumbing faucets must be able to turn with less than five pounds of pressure and shower floors must be slip-proof.

Handicapped Plumbing Comfort

Handicap plumbing is for anyone who needs assistance or comfort when they are in the bathroom. At George Salet Plumbing, we understand that. We know the handicap plumbing fixtures brands and we know how to install them in your home, or so that they pass code inspection for a public building. This includes comfort height toilets, easy turn faucets, grab bars, hand held showers, and handicap showers. In fact, if you are remodeling your bathroom to accommodate someone who needs these handicapped plumbing, we install complete handicap bathrooms!

Handicap Plumbing Experts

When we say that we are the local San Francisco plumbing experts, we really mean it. No matter what your situation is, we can make your bathroom at home comfortable and functional. As well, if you own a public building with bathrooms that need to be brought up to handicap plumbing code, we can do that too. Call us for free estimates today! All of our work is guaranteed and our qualified technicians deliver fast and dependable service. With 30 years of San Francisco plumbing experience, we know the area and can come up with a handicap plumbing solution for you, no matter what the problem is!