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AO Smith Water Heater Service

AO Smith Authorised Service Agent

AO Smith water heater service has been available in North America for over 70 years, and during this time they have been a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of hot water heaters for both residential and commercial use. Their products range in size from large capacity hydronic commercial boilers all the way down to point-of-use water heaters for individual residential appliances. AO Smith also offers gas as well as electric waters heaters, and at George Salet Plumbing, we offer water heater installation for every type of water heater that AO Smith sells. At George Salet plumbing, we also offer water heater installation for all other major brands. Since most water heater manufacturers recommend professional water heater installation, why don’t you give us a call? If you are looking for AO Smith water heater service or any other brand of water heater installation, we offer free estimates, a quick turnaround time, and flat rate pricing.

AO Smith Saves You Money

AO Smith water heater service has a reputation of developing highly energy-efficient products. They have 19 different water heaters that meet ENERGY STAR standards, with more in development. AO Smith is definitely a company that always looks forward to a future where home and business appliances will continually reduce utility costs. The proof is in their ‘Conservationist’ series of gas and electric residential water heaters. These are the kind of water heaters that not only qualify you for a rebate from the Department of Energy, but also provide endless hot water when more than just a few people in your household have to shower at the same time. You can also find models for hot water installation that provide space heat as well as dispense hot water.

AO Smith Innovation

AO Smith water heater service means innovative products. The Conservationist models come with a 3″ thick layer of insulation which provides up to 96% thermal efficiency. These models also come with a patented automatic cleaning system to remove sediment and reduce the need for water heater tune ups. As well, a patented glass coating on the inside of the tank provides more corrosion protection than a standard tank lining. Because AO Smith is so confident in their water heater, they offer a 10 year warranty on the tank and all of the parts when you decide to go with an AO Smith water heater installation. This is backed up by an additional warranty from George Salet Plumbing, Inc.

George Salet Plumbing and AO Smith

AO Smith water heater service is much better when you allow George Salet Plumbing, Inc. to perform your water heater installation. Not only do we deliver and install your water heater, we also guarantee our work. Also, because we have been in the San Francisco plumbing business for over 30 years, we have the expertise to recommend the right model for your home or business. We can also do gas line installation if needed, water heater tune ups, and water heater repair. Give us a call! We can get you started with AO Smith water heater service today.

Schedule a service with us today!

Schedule a service with us today!

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