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Takagi Water Heater Service

Takagi Factory Authorised Warranty Service

Takagi water heater service is just one of the tankless water heater installation services that we provide at George Salet Plumbing Inc, the premiere San Francisco plumbing experts since 1979. At George Salet Plumbing, we are factory trained for Takagi water heater Installation and repairs, but we also install all major water heater brands. We don’t actually sell water heaters ourselves, so you don’t have to worry about us trying to sell you a water heater just so we can make an additional commission. However, we do recommend Takagi water heater service for several reasons.

Why Have George Salet Plumbing Install a Takagi Water Heater?

Takagi water heater service is different at George Salet Plumbing because of our Takagi water heater installation expertise. You see, Takagi is a tankless water heater manufacturer that also offers training courses for professional plumbers on Takagi tankless water heater installation and Repair. Because our plumbers take this training, they know specifically how to install a Takagi tankless water heater. It only makes sense to call a San Francisco plumbing service that understands Takagi water heater installation first-hand and takes the time to become a factory authorized installer.

Not Familiar with Takagi?

Takagi water heater service means minimal water heater repair once your Takagi tankless water heater has been installed. This is because Takagi has been one of the world’s leading tankless water heater manufacturers since 1952. This means that Takagi has been an innovator in areas like fuel efficiency, product safety, and environmentally friendly water heating appliances. In fact, the Takagi T-K3 tankless water heater has been featured on ‘Good Morning America’ as a ‘green’ home improvement alternative to traditional water heater tanks. Takagi tankless water heaters have also won awards for low CO2 and NOx emissions and are officially endorsed by ENERGY STAR as energy efficient appliances. A Takagi water heater installation may even qualify you for a federal tax credit from the Department of Energy. This is because a whole house Takagi water heater installation may save you up to half on your monthly water heating bill.

Takagi and George Salet Plumbing

Takagi water heater service and George Salet plumbing are a perfect match. Besides having factory trained plumbers, we also guarantee all of our work. This means that in addition to the warranty that Takagi offers, we will guarantee that your water heater installation is done properly or we will correct the problem. We also perform water heater tune ups and water heater repair. As well, if you need gas line installation along with your tankless water heater installation, we can do that too! With this kind of Takagi water heater service, your Takagi tankless water heater should last you for at least twenty years. Call George Salet Plumbing today! We can deliver your new Takagi tankless water heater and have it installed on the same day!

Schedule a service with us today!

Schedule a service with us today!

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