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Rheem Water Heater Service

Rheem Factory Authorised Service Agent

Rheem water heater service can mean getting approval for a rebate from the Department of Energy. This is because almost all of Rheem’s hot water heaters meet the criteria set forth by the ENERGY STAR program. So no matter what kind of water heater installation you need for your home or business, you will be saving energy and you may also qualify for a check from the government if you buy a Rheem water heater. As well, if you live in San Francisco, you should talk to George Salet Plumbing for professional water heater installation. We’ve been installing water heaters locally for over 30 years in the San Francisco and Peninsula area, and our water heater installation guarantee on top Rheem’s warranty is unbeatable. This makes getting Rheem water heater service from George Salet Plumbing a great deal if you are looking for new water heater installation.

George Salet and Rheem

Rheem water heater service is better when you call George Salet Plumbing. Our San Francisco plumbing experts can help you pick out the right water heater for your home or business and then deliver it right to your door when we perform your Rheem water heater installation. Also, at George Salet plumbing, we don’t have commissioned sales people, so you won’t get a person who tries to sell you an appliance you don’t need. We install all major brands, including the ones that require a licensed plumber; so if Rheem water heater service isn’t right for you, we’ll find the make and model that is. All of our water heater installation work is guaranteed, and we can even offer same-day service when possible.

Rheem’s Lines of Products

Rheem water heater service is different because virtually all of their models meet ENERGY STAR standards. This means that you can choose any size water heater and enjoy the savings that ENERGY STAR appliances deliver; and since Rheem has such a wide variety of water heaters, you can find the size you are looking for in one of their product lines, including commercial and residential water heaters. Rheem has every kind of water heater from professional grade large capacity models all the way down to point-of-use residential water heaters. In addition, they are also developing solar water heating systems for the future.

What we Offer

Rheem water heater service doesn’t stop with water heater installation at George Salet Plumbing, Inc. We also perform water heater tune ups and water heater repair. As well, if you are installing a gas water heater, we do gas line installation, gas line repair, and we install gas venting if you don’t have it. At George Salet Plumbing, Inc., we do it all when it comes to Rheem water heater service and water heater installation and repair. Give us a call for a free estimate today!

Schedule a service with us today!

Schedule a service with us today!

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