Gerber Toilet Service

Gerber toilet service

is available only through licensed plumbers, and in San Francisco, George Salet Plumbing is happy to offer Gerber toilet installation and Gerber toilet repair. This company makes an exceptional product, which includes a wide range of vitreous china products as well as plumbing fixtures like electronic flush valves, electronic faucets, tub and shower fittings, and bath drains. Gerber Plumbing Fixtures is a company that prides itself in making plumbing products that meet the high standards of plumbing professionals like George Salet, so you can always be confident that your bathroom fixtures, along with our expert installation, will provide you comfort, utility, and beauty in your bathroom for years to come.

Gerber Plumbing Fixtures

Gerber toilet service has been around since 1932, when Max Gerber founded his company in the Chicago area. Head quartered in Woodbridge, IL, Gerber Plumbing fixtures still distributes the kind of quality fixtures that they are known for in North America. Their vitreous china products include bathroom lavatories, toilets, bidets, and urinals for both residential and commercial use. These products can be purchased separately or in suites and come in standard variety of colors. To complete a home renovation project, you can also purchase the bath drains and shower fittings from Gerber. For commercial properties, you can go one step further and install Gerber's electronic flush valves and electronic faucets if you have public restrooms.

Gerber and George Salet Plumbing

Gerber toilet service from George Salet Plumbing includes a lot more than just toilet installation. We provide complete installation and repair service for all of the products that Gerber Plumbing Fixtures manufactures. This includes sink installation, faucet installation, drain installation, and handicap plumbing installation. If you are doing a complete plumbing remodeling or a condo conversion, we can even pull the necessary permits, deliver your Gerber Plumbing fixtures to your door, and even help you find a contractor. No project is too big or small. If you have a commercial property and you need the electronic flush valves, electronic faucets, and handicap plumbing installed on a larger scale, we can help!

Gerber Toilet Repair

Gerber toilet service from George Salet Plumbing also includes toilet repair as well as drain snake plumbing. Although your Gerber toilet service is under warranty from the company as well as George Salet Plumbing, we can also help you if you have an older model that needs toilet repair. Most toilets can be saved with our professional toilet repair service, but if you would like to save on your water bill with a new Gerber high-efficiency toilet, give us a call! We provide free estimates, fast service, and we've been in the San Francisco area for over 30 years!

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