Sterling Toilet Service

Sterling toilet service is a company

that has been around since 1984 when the Kohler Company acquired the Sterling Faucet Company and turned it into a company that produced a full line of bathroom fixtures and products. The Sterling Faucet Company was originally founded in 1907, and mainly manufactured faucets that were sold through retail outlets. Selling bathroom products under the Sterling Faucet Company name gave Kohler and immediate 'in' with retail stores and an instant reputation as well. These days, Sterling toilet service includes an entire line of mid-priced designer bathroom and kitchen fixtures, so if you are thinking about remodeling plumbing, it is easy to find an entire bathroom suite from Sterling. Along with services from George Salet Plumbing, your bathroom remodel can go smoothly and will produce dramatic results that you can enjoy for years to come.

Water-Saving Sterling

Sterling toilet service keeps up with the latest water-saving trends in the industry. This includes Dual Force Technology, which is the latest innovation in water conservation from toilet manufacturers. Dual force technology saves water by offering users two options when they flush. Depending on which button you press to flush, you can use .8 gallons of water for liquid waste or 1.6 gallons for bulk waste. Since 1.6 gallons of water is the recommended usage per flush by the Environmental Protection Agency, the option of using the .8 gallon button can save well over the amount required by WaterSense and the 1.6 gallon flush is powerful enough so that the user won't have to resort to double flushing.

Other Sterling Innovations

Sterling toilet service means an easy-to-clean toilet. First of all, 100% of the water from a flush comes out of the rim. This syphonic wash-down system keeps the surface around the rim cleaner between scrubbings. Sterling toilet service also put more emphasis on design when it comes to the look of their toilets. You will find more pronounced differences in the design of the various models from Sterling than you will from other companies, so you have more choices when it comes to picking out a contemporary or classic style. As well, with an entire line of bathroom products, including faucets, sinks, bathtubs, showers units, shower doors and many other distinctively designed bathroom products, you can truly design a bathroom to reflect your individual taste.

Sterling and George Salet Plumbing

Sterling toilet service is something we will be happy to help you with at George Salet Plumbing, Inc. In addition to Sterling toilet service, we can help you with their whole line of bathroom products if you are considering remodeling plumbing. This includes toilet installation, faucet installation, and sink installation. As well, Sterling toilet service includes toilet repair and drain snake plumbing if you have an older model of toilet. Sterling is only one of the many brands that we install and repair, so if you are considering another brand, George Salet Plumbing can you with that, too. Give us a call! We provide free estimates and information, quick reliable service, and guarantee all of our work in the San Francisco and Peninsula area.

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