TOTO Toilet Service

TOTO toilet service has been around for over 90 years;

and with its main manufacturing plant in Morrow, Georgia, this American based company is the largest plumbing products manufacturer in the world. Besides toilet service, TOTO designs and manufactures sinks, shower units, bathtubs, shower and flush valves, decorative plumbing fixtures and fittings, faucets, accessories, and urinals for both residential and commercial properties. If you are considering remodeling plumbing, TOTO is a company that can supply all of the bathroom products that you need to create a modern-looking, stylish, and comfortable bathroom. At George Salet Plumbing, we can help you with TOTO toilet service and remodeling plumbing if you live in the San Francisco or Peninsula area. We have been providing Toto toilet service in the area for the past thirty years and provide free estimates for any kind of toilet service or toilet installation that you may have in mind.

About TOTO Toilets

TOTO toilet service means innovation and sleek design when it comes to the development of new toilet designs; and since flushing is always the number one concern of toilet users, it is a priority of TOTO toilet service as well. While the US Government was considering legislation to require toilet manufacturers to make 1.6 gallon flush toilets, TOTO was already designing them. By the time the government required 1.6 gallon flush toilets, TOTO toilet service had already perfected it.

In order to compensate for the lack of water during a flush,

TOTO came up with several systems. The first is the Double Cyclone Flushing System. It uses two nozzles under the rim in place of rim holes for a powerful and 1.28 gallon cleansing flush. TOTO's Emax Flushing System uses engineering which is similar to power assist flush technology for a powerful 1.28 gallon flush. The Dual Max Flushing System gives you the coice of a .9 gallon flush for liquids and a 1.6 gallon flush for bulk waste. The G-Max Flushing System is highly innovative in the fact that it uses centrifugal force and gravity to flush away bulk waste.

The Washlet

TOTO toilet service also includes innovations like the washlet, a toilet accessory that acts like a bidet. Disguised as a toilet seat, the Washlet is a device with a retractable wand that dispenses warm water during toilet use as needed for an ultimate clean. This device retracts when not in use, and is part of TOTO's effort to reduce the destruction of trees destroyed for toilet paper. The Washlet, along with high-efficiency flush toilets and environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices is indicative of TOTO's commitment to the environment.

TOTO and George Salet Plumbing,

TOTO toilet service should be installed by a professional, licensed plumber to be able to fully appreciate the full scope of just how incredible these bathroom products are. At George Salet Plumbing, we've been providing toilet installation for the past thirty years. We also offer sink installation, faucet installation, and drain installation. If you have an older toilet, we also provide toilet repair. If you need more information, give us a call! We'd be happy to talk to you about TOTO toilet service or any other major brand you might be interested in purchasing.

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