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State Water Heater Service

State Water Heater Authorised Service Agent State water heater service is what George Salet Plumbing is all about. This is because George Salet Plumbing is a company that keeps up with new plumbing technology like the kind of new technology…

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Kenmore Water Heater Service

Kenmore Water Heater Service is just one of the major brands of water heaters that we install at George Salet Plumbing, Inc. As a local, expert San Francisco Plumber for the last 30 years, we at George Salet Plumbing have…

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GE Water Heater Service

GE Authorised Water Heater Service Agent GE water heater service, one of the most well-known consumer brands throughout the world, is also one of the most innovative. Through GE water heater service, you can find some of the best tankless and…

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Bradford White Water Heater Service

Bradford White water heater service offers a variety of gas, electric and solar powered water heaters that are available through professional plumbers only; and at George Salet Plumbing, Bradford White is only one of the many brands of water heaters that…

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American Water Heater Service

American Water Heater Authorised Service Agent American Water Heater service is an innovative and quality American company that we at George Salet Plumbing are happy to do business with because of their American roots. Just like George Salet plumbing, American…

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