7 Ways to tell whether a Plumber can fix the kitchen sink

You do not need to settle for the stereotypical plumber anymore, and anyone who tells you otherwise is stuck in the Industrial Age (aka. thirty years ago).  There are in fact a number (small though this number may be) of individuals in the plumbing profession whose social skills and cleanliness defy the stereotype. 

I know, who would dare to ask for a man who can fix things and smile while doing so… without tripping on the rug and exposing the proverbial crack?  Well, now you don’t need to settle for anyone you would not invite to tea. 

In order to ensure that the plumber who arrives at your door will be able to wield the variety of tools in his/her belt properly (that is, without marring various surfaces of your home), be sure to use the following checklist:

1)    Did he/she greet you with a smile?
2)    Does said plumbing professional have his/her shirt tucked in?
3)    Does the plumber listen with his/her mouth politely closed?
      (Studies show that plumbers who do not know to close their mouths have difficulties operating monkey    wrenches.)
4)    Does he/she shift their weight uneasily?
5)    Does he/she avoid eye contact?
6)    Do their shoes look old, worn, or in need of cleaning?
7)    Is said plumbing professional wearing a belt?

If he/she fails in any of the following ways, send them back to the shop and demand another, or try a different company!  You deserve better