The Big Freeze

As most of the world knows pipes freeze in cold weather, but here in the San Francisco Bay Area it is a uncommon experience.  The weather here has been uncommon all right, Friday night the temperature was a balmy 39 degrees at 6:30 at night and who knows what it was at 4am in the morning.  I know all you readers in the east would say that's a heat wave. The weathermen predicted a cold storm from Canada coming in this week that will bring the snow level down to under a 1000 feet.

Are You prepared if the temperature drops to freezing or below? most homes with people living in them and pipes concealed in the walls will not have any problems. Its the homes that are empty or have exposed water pipes on the outside of the building that could experience frozen pipes.Frozen pipes don't just mean no water but it can also mean burst pipes. when the water in the pipes freeze it expands and if it has no where to go, will burst the strongest of pipes.

You can prevent frozen pipes by insulating them with foam insulation. according to insulation manufacturers 1/2 foam insulation will prevent pipes from freezing to -30 for a couple of days. In places that freeze regularly they insulate the pipes with thicker insulation and sometimes wrap the pipes with a electric heating tape that keeps the pipes from freezing. If the home is empty it should be winterized by turning the water off at the meter and draining the water from the pipes and water heater then leaving the faucets open.

If You think you may be in danger of pipes freezing this winter give Us a call or schedule a free estimate.