*Understanding Automatic Faucets – Fad or Future?

Hunkering down in front of an automatic faucet and waiting for the thing to grace me with a slight trickle of water always throws a monkey wrench in my cogs. That is not mentioning the temperature that I never seem to agree with, regardless of whether it is luke/warm or cold.
But I think I am biased. I drive a manual transmission, after all; I turned off Word's autocorrect feature years ago, as well. Machines bug me when they presume to make my decisions for me. After reading about the benefits of automatic faucets, I have had to ask myself: am I in left field here? Please leave a comment at the bottom of this page, the more strongly you feel, the better!
In the meantime, here are all the reasons why my gut reaction could be wrong.
Pros of Automatic Faucets
We are seeing more and more of these devices, particularly in public restrooms, but also in new homes.
Automatic faucets conserve water, especially in public spaces where anyone can accidentally (or not) leave a tap on. Reports claim that, even in private residences, they conserve up to 70% of tap water use, reducing 3-5% from one's water bill, on average.
Most do not realize how hygienic tap-less fixtures are. Each person who runs the water of a standard faucet turns the knob before they wash their hands, leaving germs that will rub off on the person after them, and so on.
Using an automatic faucet for the home is quite different than using one in a public restroom. Temperature and flow strength can be regulated on most, if not all models.
Elegant design, simple execution. There is a certain technological mastery and progressiveness that automatic faucets promote. Stylistically, their sharp, mechanized, efficient, message pairs well with modern décor.
Convenient – Using the more recent models, especially on fixtures that heat water quickly, can transform the act of washing hands into a luxurious experience. It really can.
Will We See Automatic Faucets in the Home of Tomorrow?
But the question remains: will we be seeing these devices gain popularity, or fizzle out, as just another fad gone the way of 3D glasses. For these things to really catch on, people will need to see the above, objective pros over the inconvenient cons. I, for one, hope that taking off 3-5% of the water bill would be worth the adjustment for many, and that people from the Bay Area will use George Salet Plumbing to replace their faucets.