What is the PHCC and why do we belong?

As a Child my Father instilled in me and my brothers the value of a job well done. He used to say "be the best at whatever you do and you will never have to worry about a job". When I became a Plumber I took his words to heart and became the best plumber I could be. Eventually I went on my own to start George Salet Plumbing and my mission was to have the best plumbing company in the bay area. In my search to be the best I noticed the companies I admired as being top notch all belonged to the PHCC, which stands for Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors.
  The PHCC was started in 1883 and is the oldest trade organization in the construction industry, approximately 3,700 members nationwide. Originally formed to differentiate between trained plumbers and others in the new field of plumbing. Their mission statement is as timely today as it was over 125 years ago.

PHCC is dedicated to the promotion, advancement, education and training of the industry for the protection of our environment and the health, safety and comfort of society.

Wow were they ahead of their time?
Needless to say I joined, and what a great decision that was, today All of my Plumbers have been certified by the PHCC as Journeyman Plumbers or currently enrolled in training, because you can't be the best unless you have the proper training. The PHCC also allows me to meet with manufacturer and learn about new products and methods of installations. Today I am in Napa California with over 120 Plumbing Contractors from over four states at a PHCC convention were we will attend seminars about the newest and greatest in plumbing and the plumbing issues that confront us all.

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