Entering the 21st Century

Hi everyone, who would think a plumber would be writing a blog!

Its time for me to enter the 21 century. When i started in the plumbing business the telephone company said reach out and touch someone, then came Fax machines, cell phones, email and here I am writing a Blog.
I guess I should introduce my self My name is George Salet I have been plumbing for about 34 years, started right out of High school eventually started a plumbing business and have worked on a variety of plumbing projects from changing faucet washers to projects for the Navy and NASA. Currently my company is your local plumber who cleans drains, repairs water heaters, and completes small remodeling projects.
So what do I want to accomplish with this blog?? Get some good dialog about whats new in plumbing, what's not so new and answer any questions I can.
Plumbing has changed in the last 34 years In 1974 in was not uncommon to join cast iron pipes with caulked lead joints, solder copper pipes with lead bearing solder and insulate pipes with asbestos lagging, Today plastic is taking over, gas pipe is flexible stainless steel and water heaters are required to meet smog emission standards. It may sound like it's getting easier but it's not. With the never ending requirements for clean air, clean water, water conservation and keeping the planet green, Being a Plumber is a challenge and boy do I like challenges!!
If I can answer a question or debate a topic please join in. (it's no fun talking to yourself)

Thanks for viewing,
George Salet
George Salet Plumbing